Mar 22, 2011

Stay up-to-date on the latest ETF news with the ETF Database for iPhone

ETF Database today is pleased to announce an update for the ETF Database app for iPhone and iPod touch. The new and improved free app was designed for financial advisors and individual investors interested in actionable ideas, ETF analysis and commentary, and news on the latest additions to the ETF universe. Built on a proprietary classification system, the ETF Database app also features enhanced screening capabilities to help investors find the products to meet their portfolio objectives.

As investors have embraced the lower costs, tax efficiency, and transparency of ETFs, the industry has grown tremendously over the last several years. While that means more ETF options for investors, the surge in number of products has also made navigating the universe of ETFs a challenge. The ETFdb app includes information on more than 1,100 ETFs and ETNs available to U.S. investors, including descriptive information that allows users to filter products by sector, region, bond sector, commodity type, and issuer. Basic information on each ETF, including expense ratio, is included in the app, along with a link to complete performance and holdings data.

The new app also includes access to all articles published on ETFdb, one of the most widely-followed and highly-respected sources of objective information and analysis of exchange-traded funds. ETFdb content includes actionable investment ideas, head-to-head fund comparisons, educational content, and news on new fund launches.


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