Aug 3, 2011

Vinci Tablet For Kids, Review Specs and Price

A child development program can benefit from Vinci Tablet, a multi-touchscreen Android 2.3-powered tablet intended for children, from babies to preschoolers. Known to be a safe and convenient tool to enhance the development process, Vinci tablet for kids features a number of games, music videos and e-books for children.

The technology-driven tool supplements the roles played by caregivers or the parents. Also known as the Vinci Diary, it is the resulting product of the collaborative efforts of medical and psychological professionals made to monitor and facilitate the child’s development. Its main feature is the vocabulary component that utilizes visuals to aid in learning words and building sentences.

The Vinci Tablet is powered by an ARM based Cortex A8 1GHz processor and comes with a 512 RAM. It has a 7″ LCD touchscreen display, a 3MP HD front facing camera and a micro USB connection for easy file transfers. This tablet runs on the android OS. The Vinci Tablet is not 3G or WiFi ready, making it safer for kids in terms of lesser radio emissions.

The Vinci Tablet is a complementary tool in enriching child development programs where environment plays a major role and only supplement conventional methods now prevailing. Its features include a 1 7-inch display and 3mp camera and currently up for grabs on pre-order basis at a price of $389 for starters and $479 for grown-ups. This tablet for kids is expected to be shipped on August 10.


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