Jan 29, 2011

App Apple Translucent 1 Bilion Downloads

Apple App translucent 1 billion downloads. Apple launched a contest to give iTunes gift card worth $ 10,000 to people who download to 1 Billion.

At the end of September 2009, the App Store hit 2 billion application download and in January 2010 about 3 billion downloads from the App Store.

However, it took more than a week to shop for produce 250 million app downloads, a proof of extraordinary growth of the iPhone and iPad, the last Mac App Store. At this speed will be able to reach 20 billion download an application before the end of the year. Maybe it would grow faster than that, Verizon iPhone.

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the iTunes card worth $ 10,000.

Jan 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Lands On Windows Phone 7

Amazon have now released their Amazon Kindle application Worldwide for Windows Phone 7 and providing a user interface you would expect from a Windows Mobile 7 app.

The new app as on other OS’s provides access Amazon’s Kindle library of e-books and also a huge range of books from Project Gutenberg allowing you to download over 33,000 free ebooks to read. The Amazon Kindle app also includes the useful Whispersync feature that automatically syncs your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across devices, so you can pick up where you left off on another device.

The new Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 is now available to download for free from Microsofts Market Place or your Zune dektop software.
Via Device Mag

Samsung Sliding PC7 Review and Preview

New Information for New Gadget News this time come from samsung. Innovation in bringing new products are always carried out the world’s electronics manufacturers, including Samsung. Korean vendors today announced a new innovation in the netbook segment, by introducing a generation of Samsung Sliding PC7.
The design of the display as usual netbook, this notebook only has a slider mechanism on the side like a phone keypad and screen. As a result of this hybrid netbook can later apply to two devices, namely netbook ‘normal’ and the tablet PC operating system Windows 7.

As a prime mover, Samsung Sliding PC7 Series carries an Intel Z670 Oak Trail with a clock speed of 1.66 GHz. Just like most netbooks, a 10.1-inch diagonal screen, with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Display Samsung is pinning touch technology, with 340 nits of brightness. 2GB of RAM memory and storage space 32GB/64GB SSD (solid state disk) is provided by the netbook weighs 2.2 pounds.

As already mentioned above, the Samsung Series Sliding PC7 adopt Windows7 Home Premium operating system. However, Samsung has mempermaknya to have optimized for the touch screen, in particular by providing a ‘Touch Launcher’.

Other supplies that carried this netbook the USB ports and HDMI, 4-in-one card reader and an ambient light sensor plus a 1.3 MP camera. For battery life, Samsung’s netbook hybrid is claimed to last up to 9 hours.

The plan Samsung Sliding PC7 Series will be available in the market in March 2011, with a tag of 699 U.S. dollars, or USD 6.4 million-an.

Detailed Specifications for Samsung Sliding PC 7 :

CPU: Intel ® ATOM Oak Trail Z670@1.66GHz
* Operating System:
o Genuine Windows ® 7 Home Premium
o Samsung Touch Launcher
* Memory: 2GB DDR2
* Hard Drive (max): 32GB or 64GB (SSD mSATA)
* Screen: 10.1-inch HD LCD touchscreen display (340 nit)
* Resolution: 1366 x 768
* Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics
* Audio Technology: Integrated speakers (0.8W x 2)
* I / O:
o USB 2.0
o 4-in-1 memory card reader
o HMDI out
* Webcam: 1.3MP
* Battery: Lithium Polymer; up to 9 hours
* Wireless: 802.11b/g/n; WiMax, 3G
* Dimensions: 6.88 x 0.78 x 10:47 inches (W x D x H)
* Weight: Starting at 2.18 lbs.

source: http://newsgadgetnew.com

Ipad Bluetooth Keyboard

I have new gadget news from tablet pc. If you like with Ipad, you must read this news. As a tablet PC, iPad is fairly attractive and elegant. No doubt Apple tablet is a favorite of gadget lovers in the world. Sure, as a replacement laptop iPad is considered practical enough to carry anywhere. In fact, the iPad recorded can raise its own prestige value for its users.

However, as a device that relies on the function of touch in many ways, such as iPad tablet PC seems to be less efficient at any given time. For example, when needed as a tool for access to type fast. Impact, on the condition of the keyboard function is ‘physical’ sense-it’s really necessary. It’s known, iPad simply having a virtual keyboard. Keyboard for Ipad call is Ipad Bluetooth Keyboard.

Well, for those users who are often constrained problem ‘type fast’, it seems now there are interesting solutions. Bluetooth Keyboard is the iPad, an integrated keyboard for iPad in the form of casing. So, this gadget tangible casing equipped with a keyboard, where these alphanumeric board later can be used as a medium for input when typing on the iPad, via the Bluetooth connection.

Nan unique functional keyboard is equipped with a variety of function buttons that are expected based on the iPad. Like Home, Volume, Search, and iPod Control. There is also the ‘Play’, which can be used to control the songs in a playlist is active.

IPad Bluetooth Keyboard already available in online stores thinkgeek with Price $65

Jan 24, 2011

iPhone 5 rumours : what you need to know

iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 5G, as some are calling it) rumours are flying thick and fast already.

Will there be a rush release to erase memories of the iPhone 4's antenna problems?

Will the 5th generation iPhone deliver ultra-fast mobile internet? Will it ever end up on Verizon in the US?

Let's raid the iPhone 5 rumour fridge to find the tomatoes of truth amid the stinky stilton of baseless speculation.

The iPhone 5 isn't the Verizon iPhone, and vice versa

The Verizon iPhone rumour has been around forever, and one day it'll come true - but it won't be the iPhone 5. The Wall Street Journal said a Verizon iPhone was nearly ready back in October, and we'd take that one seriously: the WSJ is the paper Apple tends to share its secrets with.

It says that "the [Verizon] phone would resemble the iPhone 4 currently sold by AT&T, but would be based on an alternative wireless technology used by Verizon, these people said." Which people? "People familiar with the matter".

The iPhone 5 will have a different form factor to the iPhone 4
WSJ: "Separately, Apple is also developing a new iPhone model, said people briefed on the phone. One person familiar said the fifth-generation iPhone would be a different form factor than those that are currently available… it was unclear how soon that version would be available to Verizon or other carriers."

This has since been backed up by reports from Engadget we reported on 17 January 2011, which state the design will be a 'total rethink'.

The iPhone 5 specs will be evolutionary, not revolutionary

According to the Chinese Economic Daily News (via AppleInsider), with the exception of Qualcomm chipsets - which would replace the current Infineon chipsets in the iPhone 4 - Apple's sticking with the same suppliers for the 2011 iPhone 5G components.

We'd expect the basics of the iPhone 5 specs to get a bump - more memory, faster processor, more storage - but DEVICE quotes a single insider who claims to have handled Verizon prototypes.

The specs? A new antenna, 1.2GHz processor and a larger screen: 3.7" instead of 3.5". The iPhone 5 may also be made from a new kind of alloy, or maybe meat.

However, we're also hearing word of a multi-core design, in keeping with the rest of the mobile world, as Apple looks to improve both battery life and performance.

The iPhone 5 will also get a massive graphical boost as it moves to a dual-core GPU - this could herald true 1080p output from the new device, according to our news story on 18 January.

The iPhone 5 specs may include a digital wallet

There's been some speculation that Apple might include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the iPhone 5G, turning it into a kind of credit/debit card. However, as Techeye.net notes, "Apple has looked into NFC before" so this might not be imminent.

PAY PHONE: Apple patents show how a near field communication-equipped iPhone 5 could act as a kind of credit card

The iPhone 5 release date will be in the summer…

Apple's established a rhythm with iPhone releases, with new models appearing in late June or early July each year. It's a safe bet that the iPhone 5 release date will also be late June or early July.

As Beatweek magazine points out, Apple's A-Team can't be everywhere at once; by staggering the releases of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5, they get to work their magic on both devices.

…or maybe the iPhone 5 release date will be earlier

iLounge said its source reckoned Apple would push the iPhone 5 release date forwards - possibly to January 2011 - because of the iPhone 4 antenna problems, although iLounge itself said the claim was "hard to believe". The source could be confusing the Verizon iPhone and the iPhone 5.

The usual July release date was mentioned by Engadget's source too in January 2011 - meaning the standard release cycle looks set to continue.

The iPhone 5 specs may include LTE support

At least one analyst thinks the iPhone 5 will support LTE, super-fast mobile broadband, in the US. That would make the iPhone 5G a 4G phone, which won't be confusing at all. LTE is certainly coming - AT&T plans to roll out its LTE service in 2011 - but an LTE iPhone has been rumoured for a while. USA Today floated the idea of an LTE iPhone on Verizon last year.

The iPhone 5 price won't change

If the iPhone 5 is an evolutionary step like the move from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS then we'd expect the price to stay more or less the same, although in the UK higher VAT rates may well mean a higher price tag.

sorce: techradar.com

Freecom Offers World’s Slimmest Portable HDD

Hard Drives are just getting tinier and tinier and Freecom seems to be leading the pack on this miniaturization craze.  Their latest offering, the Mobile Drive Mg, is only 10mm thick!  That’s thin enough to forget it’s even in your pocket.  But can something so small be worth the price?

Thin apparently doesn’t mean small anymore because the Mobile Drive Mg is available in two storage sizes starting at 320GB and going all the way up to 750GB.  That’s pretty impressive in such a small package but how breakable is this thing?  You don’t have to worry (unless you sit on it) to protect the delicates inside, the case is manufactured from magnesium.

With regard to output ports, you’ve got USB 3.0 capabilities with data transfer rates of up to 130MB per second.  There’s also optional support for FireWire 800 in case your machine isn’t on the USB 3.0 bandwagon just yet.

So, where do you get your hands on one of these?  Through Apple Premium Resellers only.  It’s an on hiccup of the kind you don’t see too often in the retail world but there you have it.

Pricing is actually pretty respectable for the world’s thinnest hard drive.  The 320GB model is retailing for just $70 while the 750GB will run you $110.  There’s also a spiffy tricked out version of the 750GB that supports both USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 but you’re going to have to drop an additional 10 bucks for that one.

Hit up the Freecom website for all the specifications.

Compulab’s fit-PC3 is Super Tiny and Fairly Powerful

If you’re looking for a tiny computer (I’m talking really small) or a media streaming device that has more brass than your average bargain basement desktop, Compulab has your back.  Their new fit-PC3 is a little black box (just 1 inch thick and 6 inches across) that’s jam-packed with goodies.

Maxed-out specs on this PC include an AMD G-Series T56N processor (that’s the dual 1.6GHz core model), a Radeon HD 6130 graphics processor, up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and a hole big enough to fill with your favorite 2.5 inch hard drive.

The PC is so tiny that there isn’t even room enough for a fan inside but you don’t have to worry about overheating.  The system runs cool enough to disperse its own heat without mechanical intervention.  That means one less annoying whir to listen to while you’re concentrating intently on watching backlogged episodes of True Blood.

As far as ports go, there are 6, count them 6, USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI out, and dual eSATA slots for extra storage expansion.

This little device would make the perfect companion for you if you’ve got a streaming video fetish or just wanted to brag that your computer was the size of a paperback novel.

No word on pricing but if they broke the $800 mark for the maxed out version I’d be surprised.  Lower-end models should run in the $400 range.

Jan 19, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Samsung will be launch a new Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone, namely Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is powered by a 800MHz Processor (MSM7227-1 Turbo), a 3.5-inch touchscreen display that can deliver a 320 x 480 pixel (HVGA) resolution, and runs on Android 2.2 Operating System with Samsung’s Touchwiz UI.

The Samsung Galaxy S5830 Android smartphone is equipped with 5.0-megapixel photo snapper with auto focus, LED flash and video recording capabilities, 150MB of internal memory, microSD memory card slot for up to 32GB, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Touch-sensitive controls, 3.5mm headphone jack, FM Radio with RDSLi-Ion and 1350 mAh standard battery. The the Samsung S5830 also support Java Via third party application, MP4/H.264/H.263 file for video player, and MP3/WAV/eAAC+ for audio player.

For connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Ace is offers WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, microUSB v2.0, DLNA capabilities, GPS with A-GPS support, HSDPA 7.2Mbps 900/2100 and EDGE/GPRS 850/ 900/1800/1900. as the Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is support Google app, includes Google Search, Maps, Google Maps Navigation(Beta), Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration and acces to Android market.

Jan 16, 2011

Samsung F700 vs. iPhone

iPhone has been announced a few weeks ago and a lot of people were waiting for it to appear. It is one of the best smart phones in its class. However, there is another smart phone that is on the same level as the iPhone. Samsung F700 was announced later then the iPhone however it beats iPhone in several characteristics.

Samsung phones become better and better every day and the iPhone is almost the best phone in the world. These phones could be called gadgets because they are top leaders in cell phones industry.

It is very hard to compare and choose one of these phones if you want to buy a smart phone of that level. We will try to help you with that.

Wich touch screen is better?
The size of the iPhone's touchscreen is bigger then the Samsung's one and it measures 3.5 inches as opposed to Samsung's 2.8 inches display. Size does matter nowadays: more and more we watch movies and view pictures using our phones and other portable devices. Sometimes it is crucial to have a big screen even if it involves increasing the size of the device. This means that you are going to have a bigger gadget.

The resolution of the screen is a very important feature that a smartphone needs to have because most of them have screen keyboards and it wouldn't be so cool to type when you have tiny buttons displayed. iPhone's display's resolution is 480 x 320 pixels and it is very awesome for a phone. The resolution of the Samsung's F700 screen is not much smaller and it is 440 x 240 pixels, besides it has a smaller screen.

Having a touchscreen on your phone is cool and convenient. These two companies have different solutions for their touchscreens. iPhone has the touchscreen with Multitouch function and Samsung screen has the Drag and Drop function.

See what is more suitable to you. I think that a bigger display would win the battle.

HTC EVO Shift 4G

HTC EVO Shift 4G will be available exclusively from Sprint on Jan. 9 for $149.99. MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless debuts on Feb. 27 for $49.99

HTC EVO Shift™ 4G
As the 16th 4G-capable device from Sprint, HTC EVO Shift follows in the footsteps of the award-winning HTC EVO™ 4G, bringing customers an attractive, compact design and an impressive list of features with the addition of a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Beyond the highly acclaimed HTC Sense user experience, HTC EVO Shift also boasts the power of 4G, Android 2.2™, a 5MP camera, 720p HD camcorder and a 3.6-inch capacitive touchscreen display with pinch-to-zoom capability.

Additional key features include:
HD Video Recording
Sprint Mobile Hotspot (supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices)
Android Market™ with access to more than 100,000 apps
Messaging – Personal and business e-mail, IM and text messaging
Social Networking Integration – Facebook®, Twitter™, Flickr® and more
Visual Voicemail
Google™ Mobile Services, including YouTube™, Gmail™, Google Talk™, Google Voice™ and Google Maps™
GPS Navigation
Stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology
microSD slot (supporting up to 32GB memory card)

MiFi® 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless
With the unveiling of Novatel Wireless’ ultra-compact MiFi® 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot, Sprint brings customers the portability of the MiFi design with one-touch connectivity for up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices, including tablets, eReaders, laptops or gaming consoles. Delivering a true wireless experience with no cables or software installation required, MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot has battery life of up to four hours of usage and 60 hours of standby time. MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot easily supports all the needs of a family household, a frequent traveler who wants to avoid Wi-Fi charges, or even a small business team with a form factor about the size of a credit card.

3G EV-DO Rev. A and WiMAX capable
10mm x 35mm eInk display with status indicators for battery, signal and number of connected devices
Location based services: GPSOne, xTRA, stand-alone GPS
Browser user interface for configuration
MicroSD slot for up to 32GB memory card
Supports Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems
Datalink 3G/4G
No software required for Wi-Fi connection
Battery: 1500mAh – four hours of usage; 60 hours of standby time
4G data speeds (WiMAX) – Peak download speeds of more than 10 Mbps; average download speeds of 3-6 Mbps
3G data speeds (EV-DO Rev. A) – Peak download speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps; peak upload speeds of 1.8 Mbps; average download speeds of 600 kbps-1.4 Mbps.

ASUS Eee Pad Announced

The third and final Android tablet announced by ASUS at CES 2011 is another member of the Eee Pad family, called the MeMO. The special feature of this 7-inch Honeycomb tablet is that it comes with an innovative capacitive stylus and two apps, which will make this particular slate more appealing to those who like to take notes, draw, or simply write on their tablets.

The Android 3.0 tablet is powered by a dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor. It features a 7-inch, IPS multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and comes installed with two cameras: a front-facing 1.2 megapixel camera, and a rear-facing 5 megapixel one. There are two applications included - Media Note (for taking notes, writing memos), and Painter (for drawing).

ASUS also promises a special Bluetooth media phone extender called the MeMic. The slate is said to arrive this June, for an estimated price of $500. So, for all those who can't imagine a tablet without a proper stylus included, this Android tablet could just as well be a replacement for the cancelled Microsoft Courier. ASUS has clearly overdone itself with its announced upcoming tablets - all that remains is for the tablets to actually be released, as promised.

SONY VAIO YB with AMD fusion technology

Sony Corp has unveiled a new thin and lightweight laptops based on AMD Fusion technology namely The Sony VAIO YB notebook. VAIO YB laptop is designed with the energy saving philosophy from AMD Fusion E series and solid hinge around the screen to deliver enough power to handle the basic tasks and also portable enough to handle to classes all day or for use by heavy travelers. Sony YB will be launch in next month with starting price at $550.

The Sony Vaio YB ultraportable notebook is powered by E-350 Zacate chip (that is a 1,66 GHZ dual-core APU with integrated DirectX 11 graphics), AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6310 graphics card, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB 5400 rpm HDD, full-size chiclet keyboard, running on Windows 7 Professional 64bit and a 3500mAh battery that provide 3 hours and 6 minutes of life.

The Vaio YB thin and lightweight notebook also offers a webcam, microphone, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, 3 USB ports, VGA port, HDMI port for outputting to HDTV and optional three-tone models with colorful lids, silver/gray bodies, and black bottoms. Sony Vaio YB laptop has measures at 11.42 inch x 7.99 inch x 0.99-1.25 inch with weigh just 3.2 pounds.

Sony VAIO YB Specifications:

* 1.6-GHz AMD Dual-Core E-350 + AMD Radeon HD6310 graphics
* 4 GB RAM (expandable to 8GB)
* 500 GB 5400 rpm HDD
* Graphics AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6310
* 11.6-inch LED display with 1366 x 768 pixels
* Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
* USB, card-reaer, webcam, HDMI, VGA, Lan
* Size: 11.4 x 8 x 1 – 1.3 inches and weight: 3.2 pounds

Jan 15, 2011

Sony Ericsson does Xperia arc

Sony Ericsson decided that they will no longer release smartphones that are far behind in terms of OS updates compared to the rest of the mobile manufacturers, hence their latest addition to the Xperia family – the Xperia arc. This is one handset that will definitely stun you whenever you take a look at it, running on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. First unveiled at the recently concluded CES 2011, it is the first of a new generation of  Xperia smartphones, so you can be sure that there will be more to come!

As we mentioned above, the design is what makes the new Xperia arc a looker, where it is super slim and hence, extremely light. Measuring a mere 8.7mm at its thinnest point, it will not sacrifice anything when it comes to performance, boasting an extra wide 4.2” multi-touch screen display. Sony Ericsson has certainly not gimped on material since they used premium materials to form its stunning arc body, so while you might think that this is going to break far more easily than a Hershey chocolate bar, it is still strong enough to fit nicely into your hand. One word of advice though – if you’re going to wear a really tight pair of jeans, we would suggest that you not put this in your rear pocket – you never know when it is in there and just jump onto a hard seat somewhere!

As for its innards, expect the best of Sony technology to be found, from its Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine for exceptional visual brilliance and a crystal clear image, to Sony’s award-winning Exmor R for mobile sensor (at 8.1-megapixels) with the f/2.4 lens that is capable of shooting high quality, bright pictures and HD videos even in low light conditions. Of course, all images shot can be viewed over a HDTV (preferably a Sony one) using the built in HDMI-connector. Needless to say, other specifications are pretty standard such as a 3.5mm audio jack, a GPS navigation, Bluetooth and DLNa connectivity, and Wi-Fi support among others. There is no word on pricing or availability though.

Jan 14, 2011

iPad 2 getting very close?

It seemed so, because there’s not only one vendor of iPad accessory showing iPad 2 products, but two. This time they’re not only showing cases for iPad 2, but also a foldable rechargeable battery?
Gopod Mobile was showing off an iPad 2 based foldable rechargeable battery pack developed by the company, and depicts the revised devices redesigned curves, ports, and cameras; it is said by Gopod to represent the actual appearance of the as-yet-unreleased thinner and slightly smaller iPad. That said they have a mock up iPad 2 to illustrate better how their accessories match with the upcoming iPad 2.

The iPad 2 replica that they have at the show has a front-sided camera hold, enlarged speaker grill and a backside camera. It also follows the tapered edges with flat-back that has been depicted in numerous case designs, besides the 128GB engraved behind the mock up. So, we’ve seen few cases for iPad 2 with very similar designs, and now 2 mockups of the iPad 2 at CES. Clearly this is as near as it gets. Apple is expected to launch the iPad 2 in the first quarter of 2011 with some expecting an announcement within the next few weeks.

Microsoft releases free WebMatrix Web development tool

Today Microsoft released WebMatrix, a free Web development tool designed to give students and beginners an easy introduction to Web development. It has been in beta since July.

WebMatrix is designed as a one-stop-shop for simple Web development needs, supporting both PHP and ASP.NET development. It includes support for a wealth of open source Web frameworks (including Drupal, Joomla and WordPress), a local Web server and database for development and testing, and easy deployment to third-party hosts. It also includes a number of "Web Helpers": components providing easy integration with, for example, Twitter and PayPal. A total of some 40 open source projects are installable, customizable, and deployable through WebMatrix.

The goal of WebMatrix is to make it easy for people to get up and running with any of these frameworks to take out the Web server configuration, database creation, and so on. They do this while still providing full access to the software if you should want it, so that extensive customizations and modifications are still possible—something that might not be the case with a traditional hosted implementation of a CMS or blog platform.

With WebMatrix's simple front-end and extensive support for open source projects, Microsoft is hoping that the product will appeal to a wide cross-section of developers. It should offer a gentle introduction to development and customization to beginners and students, and time-saving and convenience to more experienced developers. For those who outgrow WebMatrix, migrating to one of the free or paid versions of Visual Studio is also an option, providing a natural progression as needs become more complex.

As well as providing access to these existing ASP.NET and PHP open source frameworks, WebMatrix ships with ASP.NET Razor, a new streamlined templating language for ASP.NET development. This is likely to appeal to ASP.NET developers even as they move beyond WebMatrix, as it's a much cleaner, tidier syntax than the mix of markup used in "traditional" ASP.NET.

WebMatrix seems to be a neat tool, especially for hobbyists and others who want to publish a blog but want to go further with their customizations than is typical. What is harder to see is how much usage it will garner outside this niche; professionals are likely to outgrow it rapidly.

Give Your iPhone the Keyboard Advantage with the TK-421 Case

QWERTY keyboard fan boys and old school non-touch interface hardliners might just change their mind about the iPhone thanks to the two new TK-421 cases with flip-out keyboard. Every iPhone users will now have the opportunity to experience the two interfaces, glass touch screen and tactile button keyboard. The TK-421’s Bluetooth flip-out keyboard easily rotates when needed adding much convenience when emailing, texting, or using keyboard based apps. It’s just like an iPhone upgrade. There are two available models of the TK-421 case; one is made specifically for iPhone 3GS and the other is for iPhone 4. How about iPhone 3G? The iPhone 3G may share same form factor and dimension as the 3GS but sorry to say, iPhone’s manufacturer, Apple reckoned that the 3G’s hardware is somewhat bit lacking so they did not integrate Bluetooth keyboard support into the OS. Again, customers are reminded that the TK-421 cases will only work with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 mobile phones due to hardware limitations and lack of Bluetooth support of the slower iPhone 3G model.

Other product feature includes:

• Keyboard neatly flips back in place not in use
• Magnet based clasp that keeps keyboard in position when flipped in or out
• Increases typing accuracy and speed
• Precise crisp tactile keys
• Works seamlessly with any app such as e-mail, web browsing, notes, and calendar
• Completely wireless Bluetooth connection frees dock connector
• Powered by its own built in rechargeable battery
• Easily rechargeable thru the included USB cable.

Source: geekiegadgets.com

VINCI Tab - Android Table for Your Little Tots

Moms, make sure that your baby(ies) are ready for the future with the new VINCI tab. VINCI is a fully functional 7-inch touch screen tablet powered by a Google Android operating system and comes preloaded with a series of child-friendly animated games, story books and music videos. Included are Baby Haha’s Explorations, “The Ugly Duckling” animated story book with mini-games, and the first volume of Baby Haha’s Music Videos. Additional digital contents can be bought by visiting and downloading the online store. Designed by a mom herself, VINCI is a safe, interactive and fun, touch screen learning platform that will bring out the genius in future geeks by developing the cognitive, educational, emotional and social areas of a young toddler’s mind.

VINCI Tab mobile touch screen computer is engineered with your child’s safety as a primary concern. It has a protective soft-cornered handle made with non-toxic medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloy. The housing is made of Housing Material Safety Standard compliant CYCOLAC, a type ABS. The screen cover on the other hand is made with tempered glass. VINCI was also intentionally designed with no WI-FI and 3G to minimize emissions and maximize safety.

As for the hardware specs, it’s powered by a 1 GHz Cortex AB processor and sports an 800×600 resolution multi-touch display, 512MB RAM, 3MP back mounted camera, and a 6400 mAH, 3.7V rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that’s good for up to 8 hours. The device measures 7.25(H) x 10(W) x 0.625(D) in. and weighs merely about 1.28 lb.

Source: Amazon.com

BlackBerry Curve Apollo smartphone review and specification

There is rumor if Research In Motion will be release the next generation BlackBerry Curve namely BlackBerry Curve Apollo smartphone. The Curve Apollo has a similar form factor with BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G like Curve keyboard, an optical pad but it has a much more rounded bottom, have glossy black finish and likely RIM plan the device for replace the 9300 Curve 3G.

BlackBerry Curve Apollo is is powered by an 800MHz Marvell Tavor MG-1 processor, 512MB RAM, 512MB of eMMC, 5 megapixel camera with flash, 1050 mAh battery and works on Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE phone with tri-band HSPA 7.2Mbps support. The BlackBerry Apollo is running on BlackBerry OS 6.1 and has low-resolution screen with HVGA 480 x 360 display.

The BlackBerry Curve Apollo smartphone also equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, GPS, supports Near Field Communication (NFC) and measuring in  11mm thick.

BlackBerry Curve Apollo Specifications:

* Processor Tavor MG-1 800MHz CPU
* 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM
* 5-megapixel camera with flash
* HVGA 480 x 360 display
* Bluetooth 2.1
* Wi-Fi b/g/n
* supports Near Field Communication (NFC)
* Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
* Tri-band UMTS/HSPA 7.2Mbps
* 1050 mAh battery
* BlackBerry OS 6.1
* measuring in  11mm thick.

source: bgr.com

Blackberry Dakota to save the Day of RIM?

RIM has been in a pinch lately. Their Playbook might be awesome but it’s not out yet. What’s more their smartphone market is dying fast being drowned by swarms of Android phones and mighty iPhones. Now the company is trying hard to revive its smartphone market, and that’s where the Dakota comes in. BlackBerry might be going touchscreen too this time around if this BGR report is true. Yes, it’s awkward to have QWERTY keyboard as well as a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen on the same phone but that’s probably what RIM is doing right now. Spec wise, there is quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE device with tri-band UMTS. It also packs a 5 megapixel cam with HD video recording, 4GB of storage, plus 768MB of RAM. The phone will also have WiFi and be 3G hotspot-enabled, and it’ll run BlackBerry OS 6.1. There’s no mention when this will come out though, despite the phone looking rather neat.

Source: bgr.com

Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Verizon Wireless

Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Verizon Wireless in USA Just introduced soon

Apple reported just announced about their iPhone 4 CDMA.
This time Apple is not coming with AT&T but with Verizon Wireless in USA.
All things were not different with the GSM version except the Antenna.
Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Verizon gets advantage and weakness as the following:

-Camera 5-megapiksel with HD video recording
-Durable battery
-processor Apple A4 1GHz
-RAM 512MB
-Internal memory 16GB
-already support for the tether or can be used for a mobile hotspot for a maximum of five sets
-the exact same design with iPhone 4 GSM
-has four special antenna CDMA placed symmetrically at the four corners
-operating systems IOS version 4.2.5
-FaceTime video calling
-Retina Display high resolution
No LTE 4G technology (to surf the web while making a voice call)
iPhone 4 CDMA Verizon estimate to cost about USD199 for the 16GB version and USD299 for the 32GB version for 2 years contract.

Jan 13, 2011

Nokia Will Announce First 4G Smartphone at MWC 2011?

While other vendors seemed enthusiastic to introduce new products through CES had just passed, Nokia even 'absent' in the exhibition arena. However, the absence of Nokia in the event does not necessarily make the Finnish mobile phone vendor 'quiet' of the rumors.

Originally from the posts on the Nokia Conversations blog, titled "Why You Want LTE" and "From 1G to 4G" are uploaded along with the ongoing CES. As a result, now the rumor was widespread and was quoted as saying PULSAonline via PCMag, Nokia is reportedly preparing a smart phone 4G (LTE) first, which will be announced at the event Mobile World Congress (MWC), next February.

Not just a smartphone 4G, in any event MWC 2011 Nokia hoped would reveal other details about the prospective smartphone 'high-end'nya or tablet PC platform Meego.

Indeed, the CES after the event ended, practically next spotlight fixed on the event Mobile World Congress 2011, which will be held in Barcelona on February 14 to 17 next. And interestingly, at this event was predicted to be a lot of new smartphones and tablets which will be announced. One of the smartphone gaming, Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play. We'll wait.

Samsung Transform

Samsung has increasingly been known for their stylish mobile phones. It is no wonder that it has recently been releasing several new models in recent months to attract more users. One of them is the new Samsung Transform.

The Samsung Transform features a relatively unique design that has actually been getting more common as additional functions gain more interest among cellphone users.

The said design is the slide-out QWERTY keyboard that has also been featured in many new mobile phones today. The Samsung Transform is an Android phone that feature dual cameras, 3.5″ HVGA touchscreen expansive display, GPS enabled, as well as the capability of reaching 3G speeds where available. The Samsung Transform is available at Sprint for US$150 with a 2-year service contract.

Nokia N8 Get Reviewed

Engadget features a lengthy review of the Nokia N8, the first in its line of smartphones powered by their very own Symbian^3 OS. Its physical features include a 3.5-inch AMOLED display with 640 x 360 resolution, a 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss autofocus lens and Xenon flash, 720p video recording, and HDMI output.

Although the phone has attractive hardware, the question that needed to be answered was whether the new mobile OS would be able to take Nokia toe to toe in the touch phone competition? The reviewer says not quite.

“Had this phone come out earlier this year, during what we might refer to as the pre-HTC EVO era, its 720p video, spectacular camera, and high-end construction would have returned Nokia to the title of smartphone leader all on their lonesome,” writes Vlad Savov.
The reviewer complains about how the user experience generated by Symbian^3 lags compared to competition, as well has the lack of a QWERTY keyboard during portrait mode, and a variety of system hiccups and prompts.

“Unfortunately, by evolving at a glacial pace, Symbian itself continues to cater specifically to a market of of individuals who were early smartphone adopters five or more years ago. That’s a market whose continued loyalty only stands to shrink, not grow. And at a time when 720p video recording is no longer novel and 3.5-inch screens are starting to look a bit on the small side, even DSLR-like image quality is not enough to justify a phone with a fantastic and thoroughly modern user experience to match,” the writer continues. Looks like we will have to see how Nokia’s MeeGo would work.
You can read the full review on the source link.

Source: engadget

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