Jan 28, 2011

Ipad Bluetooth Keyboard

I have new gadget news from tablet pc. If you like with Ipad, you must read this news. As a tablet PC, iPad is fairly attractive and elegant. No doubt Apple tablet is a favorite of gadget lovers in the world. Sure, as a replacement laptop iPad is considered practical enough to carry anywhere. In fact, the iPad recorded can raise its own prestige value for its users.

However, as a device that relies on the function of touch in many ways, such as iPad tablet PC seems to be less efficient at any given time. For example, when needed as a tool for access to type fast. Impact, on the condition of the keyboard function is ‘physical’ sense-it’s really necessary. It’s known, iPad simply having a virtual keyboard. Keyboard for Ipad call is Ipad Bluetooth Keyboard.

Well, for those users who are often constrained problem ‘type fast’, it seems now there are interesting solutions. Bluetooth Keyboard is the iPad, an integrated keyboard for iPad in the form of casing. So, this gadget tangible casing equipped with a keyboard, where these alphanumeric board later can be used as a medium for input when typing on the iPad, via the Bluetooth connection.

Nan unique functional keyboard is equipped with a variety of function buttons that are expected based on the iPad. Like Home, Volume, Search, and iPod Control. There is also the ‘Play’, which can be used to control the songs in a playlist is active.

IPad Bluetooth Keyboard already available in online stores thinkgeek with Price $65


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