Jan 16, 2011

Samsung F700 vs. iPhone

iPhone has been announced a few weeks ago and a lot of people were waiting for it to appear. It is one of the best smart phones in its class. However, there is another smart phone that is on the same level as the iPhone. Samsung F700 was announced later then the iPhone however it beats iPhone in several characteristics.

Samsung phones become better and better every day and the iPhone is almost the best phone in the world. These phones could be called gadgets because they are top leaders in cell phones industry.

It is very hard to compare and choose one of these phones if you want to buy a smart phone of that level. We will try to help you with that.

Wich touch screen is better?
The size of the iPhone's touchscreen is bigger then the Samsung's one and it measures 3.5 inches as opposed to Samsung's 2.8 inches display. Size does matter nowadays: more and more we watch movies and view pictures using our phones and other portable devices. Sometimes it is crucial to have a big screen even if it involves increasing the size of the device. This means that you are going to have a bigger gadget.

The resolution of the screen is a very important feature that a smartphone needs to have because most of them have screen keyboards and it wouldn't be so cool to type when you have tiny buttons displayed. iPhone's display's resolution is 480 x 320 pixels and it is very awesome for a phone. The resolution of the Samsung's F700 screen is not much smaller and it is 440 x 240 pixels, besides it has a smaller screen.

Having a touchscreen on your phone is cool and convenient. These two companies have different solutions for their touchscreens. iPhone has the touchscreen with Multitouch function and Samsung screen has the Drag and Drop function.

See what is more suitable to you. I think that a bigger display would win the battle.


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