Apr 30, 2011

Sony challenges tablet market with S1 and S2 devices

In January of this year, Kunimasa Suzuki, deputy president of Consumer Products and Services at Sony Corp. confidently revealed the company’s intention to secure second place behind Apple in the tablet market.

Despite Sony dismissing the challenge of established tablet players such as Samsung, Dell and Motorola—not to mention being massively late to market—the Japanese electronics heavyweight has now unveiled the first wave of tablet devices that it’s clearly pinning its bold ambition upon.

Presently known as the S1 and S2, Sony’s two debut devices both run on Google’s optimised Android operating system (v3.0), support 3G and 4G networks, offer Wi-Fi connectivity, are equipped with on-board cameras, and are compatible with PlayStation videogames.

Although they share certain features, the touch-screen tablets differ wildly in terms of their aesthetic design and form factors, with the 9.4-inch S1 looking much like any other current tablet device, while the S2 is a compact clamshell device with dual 5.5-inch screens. 

In assessing the S1 and S2’s chances amid a field already densely populated with rival tablets, analyst Yasuo Nakane of Deutsche Bank suggested Sony has perhaps missed its window of opportunity where deposing second-placed Samsung is concerned.

“Sony should have entered at least when Samsung introduced its first tablet computers,” said Nakane in a Bloomberg report.

“They spent too much time on their own features,” he added. “A quick entry like Samsung [and its Galaxy Tab] was required and I don’t think Sony can catch Samsung this year.”

According to Sony, the S1 and S2 tablets are expected to arrive in the third quarter. Accompanying price points have not yet been divulged.

Source: thetechherald.com

Sprint Nexus S 4G Launching On 8th May 2011

Sprint just made the Samsung  Nexus S 4G Android phone official on its carrier bringing the pure Google experience to Spring users through the 8th day of May, this year. The pure Google Android phone will be made available to aspiring Sprint users next month at all Sprint stores across the United States.

The Sprint Nexus S 4G not carries an elegance of its design but also arrests our interest with the amazing set of technical specifications it possesses. Laced with a powerful hardware box and the amazing Google Android OS, this device offers everything you’d expect from a good smartphone.

The Nexus S 4G features a 4” contour Super AMOLED display that offers vibrant colors and amazingly clear display quality whilst saving battery in comparison with other subordinate display types.

The device packs a punch of multimedia features. It is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera that records stills and videos while the front-facing VGA camera enables video calling on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity.

Users can save the recorded media on the phone’s internal memory which is 16GB or on a microSD card as the device supports up to 32GB of expandable storage via a microSD. This gives the users plenty of room to carry to their favorite multimedia files on their versatile phone and feast on them on the go.

Users can even read ebooks, watch videos, movies, listen to music or connect to the world over social networking sites using the integrated social networking apps. For smartphone hungry users, the Google Android 2.3 OS offers the best-in-class smartphone experience.

Other interesting features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi with hotspot capabilities, onboard GPS, support for up to 1,50,000 apps from Android Market, integrated Google services, built-in NFC support, a 1GHz application processor flanked by 512MB of RAM and a dedicated GPU and much more.

Here’s an excerpt from Sprint’s press release in this regard :

“The highly anticipated Nexus S™ 4G1 from Google™ goes on sale in all Sprint channels, including www.sprint.com, on Sunday, May 8, for $199.99 (plus tax) with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement. Extending the company’s 4G device leadership yet again, it is the fourth 4G phone available and 20th 4G device announced from Sprint.”

Sprint Nexus S 4G will be available starting 8th of May for $199.99 against a new line or an eligible upgrade or a two-year customer contract with Sprint. The device will be available through all Sprint Retail stores as well as Sprint’s online portal, TeleSales (1-800-SPRINT1) and even through Best Buy.

iPhone tracking bug fix coming, says Apple

Steve Jobs might have denied that iOS performs tracking illegally, and his stand is backed by Apple (naturally) by stating on their website that “the iPhone is not logging your location. Rather, it is maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which may be located more than one hundred miles away from your iPhone, to help your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested.”

According to a couple of British security researchers, they published a report last week which claims that Apple’s iOS in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will actually keep a record of the device’s location history where possible, copying such data over to the user’s computer whenever the mobile device is connected. This has raised concerns and fears that the iPhone could actually report users’ movements to Apple, or even worse, that a user’s privacy could be jeopardised should the file be accessed by a malicious third party apart from the handset’s owner.

There is a silver lining in this apparent dark cloud – Apple claims that the amount of data that the iPhone stores is actually a bug, and they plan to fix it shortly. Is that just a smokescreen, or is it the real deal? Unless we are part of the inside team, we won’t really know, but either way we are pleased to know that they are going to make sure this bug is squashed shortly.

source: ubergizmo.com

Apr 29, 2011

AMD will release C-60 APU with support of Turbo Core this autumn

AMD plans to expand APU Fusion family with C-60 (Ontario). The main features of the new model will be the same as an existing model C-50: two cores running at 1.0 GHz, GPU that supports DirectX 11 and high-definition video decoder UVD3.

Its main difference from C-50 is that C-60 supports Turbo Core technology support - a technology that allows to increase the frequency of both cores up to 1.33 GHz. Graphics core can also be overclocked from 276 to 400 MHz. However at the moment, the technology may be applicable to only one of the components, not to exceed the TDP 9 Watts.

It is expected that the C-60 APU will be used in netbooks, which are scheduled for release this autumn.
source: gadgets-reviews.com

Microsoft Deal Could Help Nokia

Microsoft Deal Could Help Nokia. Nokia, the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, tumbled the most in almost 19 months on investor concern that a partnership with Microsoft Corp. will not be enough in its fight with Google and Apple. Nokia, led by Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop, today unveiled plans to use Microsoft Windows software in his primary competition for Apple’s smartphone customers at IOS and Google Android platforms. Nokia’s shares fell 14 percent, the steepest slide since July 16, 2009.

first thought is to sell stock to Nokia, because Nokia has just himself away for free and Google and Apple are laughing all the way to a duopoly. The move is the biggest strategy shift by Nokia, since the one-time pulp company started making mobile phones in the year 1980. Elop, who was hired by Microsoft in September to the Espoo, Finland-based company to lead is difficult for Nokia to revive after its piece of the rapidly growing smartphone market plunged by 27.1 percent in the last quarter of 50.8 percent is shipped to Apple iPhone in June 2007, according to Gartner Inc. Nokia has lost more than 60 percent of its market value at the time.

Nokia’s shares fell 1.16 euro, closing at 7 euros in Helsinki. Microsoft fell 25 cents to $ US27.25 at 4 hours New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market trading. “When you are confronted with a fire, you need to move quickly, because it grows rapidly,” said Pierre Ferragu, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein in London. “This partnership will take time to implement and deliver phones. This is what Nokia can kill.” The cross-licensing deal announced she was only a term of five years, but Microsoft and Apple have renewed presumably, different eras remained . At the very least, while both companies have approved many battles were over IP, they have not fought each other in decades. Nokia may still maintain a belligerent stance against Apple, but at least it has some protection for the phones to ship with Windows 7 Phone. More likely, Nokia will watch market dynamics, and choose a court battle with Apple is not a productive use of resources – like Microsoft and Apple chose years ago.

Nokia Also Talked To RIM As Soon

Nokia Also Talked To RIM As Soon. Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.Or so says Nokia CEO Stephen Elop now that the Finnish handset maker has jumped from a burning platform in Redmond in the arms. They are both, of course, vertical platforms (like IOS), so you would think that either permit was never a consideration. TechCrunch Europe has learned that Nokia is indeed a partnership with RIM, which would have seen Nokia smartphones running BlackBerry OS explore. the two companies was held in parallel Nokia examined the Google and Microsoft options. How far those talks were not entirely clear, but our source says that RIM is not interested, but one way that the election is in itself intriguing in itself.

The company also learned that if Nokia adopting Android explored with Google was the “commodization risks” as Elop has been described, which proved to be the deal-breaker. Specifically, Nokia wanted Google Maps to substitute its own Ovi offers, along with changes in the use of Android’s e-mail, contacts, calendar, app-store and on-the-air software management in an attempt to stop value moving whole to Google – that the search giant said no.Unless, that is, Nokia wanted to do and why fork Android “stay behind the curve.”  while Microsoft sees Nokia tie-in with immediate effect in the future development roadmap Windows Phone and its wider Ovi Maps and location layer is integrated into the platform.

It is also worth remembering that Microsoft Bing gets all of Nokia’s Navteq maps. go just like Google or RIM would have indicated, through the adoption of Windows Phone, Elop has decided that Nokia no longer be in the software game, or certainly in the OS level. Once that decision was made, the source said, it was just a matter of picking which platform to go with. the domino effect of a massive reduction in software engineering and R & D head count as the company tries to reduce spending on Symbian and MeeGo to almost zero for 2012. Our source also says that Nokia’s Phone Windows software integration will happen in the U.S., which would appear in line with previous reports of an increased presence of Silicon Valley.

SATADIMM SSD - data transfer speed increased up to 520 MB/sec

Last summer, specialists from Viking Modular Solutions - a unit of Sanmina-SCI Corporation, presented SSD SATADIMM. SATADIMM modules have SATA 3 Gbps interface and look like standard DIMM modules.

In beginning of the second quarter of this year, the company has announced the second generation SATADIMM. Structurally, the data storage devices are like DDR3memory modules with height of 25 mm and 18.75 mm (VLP). However they feature new SATA 6 Gbps and SAS interfaces for even faster data transmission rates.

New drives demonstrate performance of 60,000 IOPS on random access read/write operations. Data transfer rate is up to 520 MB / sec. For comparison - first generation SATADIMM had speed of 260 MB/sec.

Manufacturer position their knowhow solution for blade-servers, rack servers sizes 1U, storage subsystems and boards AdvancedTCA (ATCA).

source: gadgets-reviews.com

Apr 21, 2011

Toshiba announces its latest laptop called Satellite P755 3D

One of the top most gadget brands, Toshiba is all set to launch its new laptop by the name of Satellite P755 3D.This stylish looking product comes with a lot of high end specifications and a great looking exterior.

The processor which comes fitted in is an Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor which provides good processing speed. The 15.6 TruBrite HD 3D LED screen offers a resolution count of 1366×768 pixels. The operating system which this new laptop (Satellite P755 3D) runs on is the Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit which is capable of supporting 750GB of storage capacity.

As far as the connectivity options are concerned, Toshiba Satellite P755 3D comes with Bluetooth as well as the Wifi support for internet browsing. There comes a 1.3 MP front facing camera which can be used for the purpose of video conferencing. The other features supported by this device are Toshiba face recognition, multi card reader and 2.5 inch HDD protection.

source: gadgetgeek.in

U36S Ultra Thin laptop from ASUS

Asus, which is a well known company has decided to put into the market its latest laptop by the name of Asus U36S. This latest model comes preinstalled with Windows 7 operating system and a list of impressive specifications and an extremely thin body.

Asus U36S consists of a 13.6 inch glossy display screen which is capable of providing a good resolution count. It also powered by a 2’nd generation Intel Core i5-2520M processor which offers great processing speed. Physically, it is made up of Magnesium Aluminium alloy cover with nanometer coating.
There are many connectivity options provided by U36S.Some of them include Wifi and Gigabit Ethernet LAN plus Bluetooth. One feature that lets users save precious power is the Super hybrid Engine Power saving technology. Other additional specifications allotted are USB 3.0 port, two USB ports, HDMI and VGA output. There comes a multi card reader and multi gesture touchpad along with the chiclet keyboard.

Acer HN274H Latest 3D Monitor for Gaming and Movies

Acer is one of the pioneers of 3D computer monitors, known for the GD235HZ launched early last year. Latest Acer HN274H comes with a screen diagonal of 27 inches and 100.000.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Bypassing fancy specifications, HN274H costs $ 689, and with this pricetag you’ll find a pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses included too.

On the connectivity part, you’ll find DVI-D inputs, VGA, and three HDMI 3D compatible ports. HN274H is thus the first 27-inch monitor, capable of accepting 3D signal with DVI-D and HDMI connection. Acer HS244HQ offers the same connectivity options and also has the 3-D glasses included in the price. Has a 23.6-inch diagonal screen and displays a 12.000.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Both monitors are compatible of full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and supports an image update rate of 120 Hz, the requirement for the proper functioning of its 3D glasses with Active Shutter technology.

Seagate GoFlex Slim hard drive

How many files are clogging up your space on your laptop? Applications, programs, movies and music. They all take up valuable space especially bluray movies. A lot of people combat this problem by having a portable drive. The benefits of this are not only having space freed up but files on the go. Visiting a friend? No problem, plug a portable drive to their HD TV and show your favourite movie which they criminally missed.  The problem is the drives can sometimes be heavy, especially terabyte drives. Enter the Seagate GoFlex Slim.

The first thing you notice about the GoFlex Slim is how tiny it is. It really lives up to its name. At a super-svelte 9mm, it is about as wide as a wide a pen. Think of this as the supermodel of portable drives. It has a 7200 RPM drive and USB 3.0 interface which gives faster transfer speeds than USB 2.0. Mac users, do not feel left out as you can use the GoFlex Slim for Mac without formatting or loss of performance. Backup software is included and provides automatic and continuous backups and encrypts files and folders. You can easily sync files between your computer and drive so transporting files is easy as pie.

Tablets and sleek laptops may be the rage right now but the storage can sometimes be a problem. You may use the cloud or a network to access your content. Would it be easier to plug and play from a portable drive?

The size is an average 320GB. I would have liked a bit more or even various size options. But then it would not be so slim so I have to grit my teeth and compromise. If I am really honest do I really need to carry around any more memory than 320GB? You can get the GoFlex Slim for £79.99 now.

source: latesgadget.co.uk

Apr 19, 2011

Tips and Tricks To Buy Laptops Online

Buying a laptop online can be quite tricky, especially if you’re trying to do it for the first time. Here are some handy tips and tricks to buy laptop online.


Different types and numbers of ports are very much essential to look for when buying a laptop. As people are getting gadget freaks nowadays, they are plugging maximum number of devices to their laptops like cell phones, iPod, printers, scanners, projectors, external mouse, cool pads, and what not.

To be able to plug in max number of devices, the laptop should have large number of ports. Check for three or more USB ports, serial port, if parallel port is available then it’s a plus point, HDMI port, FireWire port, LAN and various other ports to support variety of external devices connectivity.

Optical Drive

One of the features which is constantly overlooked is the optical drive. Most of the laptops available in the market now days only come with the CD writer and/or DVD reader. The very important DVD writer is missing in most of the laptops. So always look for those laptops which have Dual Layer DVD writer installed in them. Also check the speed like it should be above 16xs for writing DVDs.

Storage Capacity

The laptops available today in the market comes with humungous storage space like almost half a terabyte or sometimes more than that, but another factor which we should always consider is the reading and writing speed of the hard disk drive. The speed of operation can be estimated by the rotational speed of the HDD or you can say the RPM (rotation per minute).

The higher the RPM value the faster the HDD will read and write, giving you overall laptop performance in not only reading and writing files but also helps in faster OS boot time and faster launch of applications. Always search for laptops with HDD having more than 7200 rpm speed.

Application Memory

The application memory is the amount of RAM an application will consume while executing itself. So the higher the available RAM on your system the faster the application will execute along with the ability to execute large number of applications simultaneously without affecting the performance of the system.

Not only should you have lots of memory but also the FSB speed of your RAM should also be high. The FSB or the Front Side Bus speed is the main factor of RAM performance and higher the FSB, the faster your RAM will operate. Always search for latest version of RAM lie DDR3 and with FSB speed of more than 1333 MHz and o for laptops with more than 4GB of RAM, also avoid buying laptops with less than 2GB of RAM.

Processing Power

The most important factor is the processing power of the laptop. The processor is the main hardware on the system which gives the shear performance and speed to the system. The higher the processing speed, the faster the hardware attached to it will work.

Even if you have faster RAM and HDD it won’t work effectively if you don’t have faster processor. The whole laptop should be perfect blend of RAM, HDD, and processor with matching speeds. Go for processors with two or more cores and speed greater than 2.2 GHz. It is always preferred to have Intel processors and not AMD because AMD processors get heated up very fast.

Dimension or Portability

Portability is what laptops are famous for, and if you buy laptops with screen greater than 15 inches then you will lose the main portability feature of the laptops. Always go for laptops with screen sizes from 12 inches to 15 inches and choose those which are thinner in dimension and lightweight.


All the hardware comes at very high price if bought or repaired on your own, so always extend your warranty whenever needed because it will give a very good support in future even if your laptop gets damaged. Check for those laptops which have more than a year of warranty and gives diverse filed of support.

Check to see if international warranty is supported or not. The best laptop brand to give a very satisfying warranty is the Dell, which also covers mishandling of laptops under its warranty scheme.

Brand Value

The brands have great value due to their years of experience and customer liking. So go for laptops like Lenovo, Dell, Alien Ware, Toshiba, Apple, SONY, Acer, Compaq or HP. Even ASUS is getting much appreciation nowadays.

So, keep these tips and tricks to buy laptop online in your mind, and make the best decision according your needs, choice of brand, and specific requirements.

source: latest-technews.com

Apr 17, 2011

Toshiba Portege R830 launched

Toshiba, the once and (some would say) future king of laptops has announced the launch of their newest model—the Toshiba Portege R380. The machine is lean, mean, and ready to do business. Modeled after the Portege R700—slim, sleek, and stylish—the 13.3 inch R830 has a lot of the features users have come to expect from the Portege line with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.
Inside the R830 runs on a Sandy Bridge processor combined with a speedy 7200 RPM hard drive or the optional 128GB solid state drive. Upgrade to the optional AMD Radeon graphics setup and you’ll get 1GB of dedicated RAM—enough for most business uses and some casual gaming.

Another interesting addition is the USB 3.0 port, allowing lightning fast data transfer if you so happen to have a USB 3.0 peripheral or thumb drive. Sadly, the HDMI port is actually optional—a strange thing in an era where everyone is obsessed with HD graphics.

You’ll get the obligatory WiFi though (802.11 b/g/n) and Toshiba even threw in Bluetooth 3.0.

While the internals aren’t exactly impressive, they certainly make for a capable machine and Toshiba is hoping that style will sell the R830, much like it did the R700. The case is slim, black, and manufactured from molded plastic that’s supposed to look like alloy but won’t interfere with wireless signals. The lightweight materials means the laptop weighs just 5.3 pounds but is roughly 19 percent thinner and 6 percent lighter than the venerable R700.

Pricing on these puppies starts around $1,000.

Portable iPod Mili Power Projector

Ever wished that you could enlarge what you are watching on your phone or iPad so you could view it better? Wish no more when you have the ipod Mili Power Projector. It enables one to put the images on an iPhone 3G/3GS and 4 as well as iPod Touch, iPads, Blackberries and most of the other models of phones and media players on it for better viewing. It's like having your own theatre for your videos, home movies and games on big screen.

With its compact size, the iPod Mili Power Projector is easily portable. It fits neatly in a pocket along with batteries to run it.It works by means of an LCos image processor that can churn out a 640 by 480 VGA image to up to 70 inches. It's cost effective too, as the LED bulb it uses to project images can keep going for at least 20,000 hours.

This cool projector comes as a package that includes an Apple adapter dock for iPod Touch, iPhones and iPod Classics. It will even do you one better and charge your devices as it runs so there are no worries about running out of power when using it.

The Mili Power Projector is ideal for making presentations from a computer and viewing photos from a laptop. It comes with a VGA lead that just needs to be connected to the VGA input on the projector for those bigger dimensions on the Mac or PC. For Blackberries, it connects using a USB and for DVD, MP4 players and other phones, it works using the built-in Av-In plug.

Olympus TG-810 Digital Camera With GPS

New Gadget News now come from Digital Camera Olympus Tough. New Series from olympus  tough with name Olympus TG-810 Digital Camera. Olympus Tough series camera launch new type with name Olympus TG-810 digital camera new ultra-rugged with a “four-resilience”. This camera is designed to be shockproof, waterproof, freeze proof and crushproof.

This camera can be submerged up to 33-feet underwater, withstand falls from a height of 6.6 meters, and can operate when the temperature is below freezing (14 degrees Fahrenheit, -10 degrees Celsius). This camera has an airtight construction that is resistant to dust, dirt and other particles.

With censor 14 Megapixel Camera Olympus Tough TG-810 features a 5x optical zoom 28mm wide angle lens, image processor Olympus’ TruePic III +, and 920,000-dot LCD screen, Super Precision 3-inch HyperCrystal III. Also this camera features in a camera Magic Art Filter, In-Camera landscape function, mechanical Sensor-Shift image stabilization function and digital doubles and Beauty Fashion and AF Tracking technology. In addition, Olympus TG-810 can record HD video and offers HDMI output.

Olympus TG -810 is equipped with GPS, electronic compass and a manometer for users to tag images with location information or capture the height or depth of water in addition to location data and map coordinates.

This camera will come in April, the Olympus TG-810 will be available in black and silver with the price of $ 399.99. If you are a true adventurer, make sure this camera with you.

Apr 11, 2011

BlackBerry Orlando comes with OS 6.1?

N4BB team recently reported that RIM set on a new device codenamed  BlackBerry Orlando. The BlackBerry Orlando typically similar to the BlackBerry Sedona / Apollo. According to N4BB, the  BlackBerry Orlando features touch screen, and looks like BlackBerrys Bold Touch, yet smaller.

Basically, the BlackBerry Orlando is the latest version of BlackBerry  Sedonna / Apollo. Since it has a touch screen, BlackBerry Orlando also called as BlackBerry Curve Touch.

Uniquely, the  BlackBerry Orlando is not mentioned in the leaked roadmap. The release of this smartphone might be late, and its expected that BlackBerry Orlando comes with OS 6.1 and not just a ’Lite’ version.

Windows Password Recovery Kit 1.0

Windows Password Recover Kit is a handy tool for all-level users to recover or reset forgotten Windows password. Easily reset local administrator or other user password for Windows 7/2008/Vista/XP/2003/2000 system, and unlock Windows 2000/2003/2008 Domain administrator password. No need to worry about data loss when your Windows password is lost or forgotten. Just run Windows Password Recover Kit from a bootable CD or USB flash drive to unlock your system in a matter of minutes!

Software License : Shareware
Operating System Support : Microsoft Windows
Download Link : Windows Password Recovery Kit 1.0

Repair and Optimize Computer With ICUPA

ICUPA will easily scan, repair, and optimize your computer system. Your PC's overall hardware and software performance will be improved immediately. 1-Click Maintenance removes temporary files, cleans your registry errors and defragments your hard drive to optimize the performance of your PC. Optimize your system, clean and repair Windows registry, fix PC crashes and error messages, restore IE default settings.

Software License : Shareware
Operating System Support : Micosoft Windows
Download Link : ICUPA

Apr 10, 2011

IBM announces private cloud service

IBM has introduced a private cloud service to give businesses computing on demand, but it has disclosed no plans for a UK service.

Two services, Enterprise and Enterprise+ will be offered to businesses with prices starting at $0.15 an hour for Linux.

The company expects to grow revenue from its cloud services, which fit alongside traditional outsourcing, to a $7bn business. Enterprise is aimed at software development ansd testing, while Enterprise+ is aimed at production systems.

Along with the cloud services, IBM. is also offering businesses business process management as a cloud service. Called BlueWorks, it is already being used by several organisations including Aviva.

IBM has also joined the Cloud Standards Customer Council, managed by the Object Management Group. 40 organisations are members including Lockheed Martin and Citigroup.

Microsoft readies three new Office service packs

Microsoft plans to deliver the first service packs for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 in “mid-summer” 2011.The Softies also plan to deliver service pack 1 for Office 2011 for Mac the week of April 11.

Microsoft officials said earlier this year that the first service pack (SP1) for Office 2010/SharePoint 2010 would be out some time between May and November 2011. In an April 5 post to the “Microsoft Office Updates” blog, officials narrowed the target to mid-summer and said Microsoft representatives would have more to say about SP1 at the TechEd 2011 conference in mid-May.

The April 5 post noted that SP1 will consist of cmulative and public updates to date for the various point products that are part of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. It also will include some other so-far unspecified fixes, which Microsoft officials said they’d detail between now and the time of the release. Products that will get fixes and updates include Office 2010 suites, Project 2010, Visio 2010, Office 2010 servers, Office Web Apps, Search Server 2010, SharePoint 2010 Products and FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. Microsoft is planning to update all 40 SKU languages for Office when SP1 ships.

On the Mac side of the house, SP1 for Office 2011 next week. In addition to fixes, stability improvements and security updates, Office 2011 SP1 will also include new features, including improved Outlook syncing and unspecified “performance enhancements,” according to a April 6 “Office for Mac” blog post.

The new Outlook syncing will enable calendar syncing between Outlook for Mac and Apple’s Sync Services, enabling users to sync their Outlook calendar, contacts, notes and tasks “with any service or device that supports Sync Services,” including iPhones and iPads, the Softies said.

But it’s not all good news for those wanting to take advantage of the new sync capabilities.  Apple’s MobileMe will no longer sync with MacOS Sync Services as of May 5 (or now, for those who’ve already moved to the new version of the MobileMe calendar). The result: Outlook 2011 SP1 calendars that sync with Sync Services on the Mac, will NOT be synced with MobileMe calendars.

Microsoft execs told GeekWire.com that Apple’s decision to uncouple MobileMe from its Sync Services next month was “an unfortunate surprise” to Microsoft. There’s no word on when Microsoft will have an update to SP1 to accommodate Apple’s change.

Microsoft launched Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 in May 2010. The company launched Office 2011 in late October 2010.

source: zdnet.com

Apr 7, 2011

Windows 8 will bring Ribbon user interface

Microsoft is working hard on its new operating system, and it is sending the test versions of Windows 8 to the PC manufacturers. We have got an opportunity to have a look at its new and improved user interface.
It looks like Microsoft is determined to replace the standard toolbars with Windows 8, and it seems Ribbon will replace the toolbars that have been a part of Windows Explorer for decades. Ribbon has been introduced with Office 2007 and 2010, and we can even see it in Windows 7 applications such as Wordpad and Paint. As you know, Ribbon put a great number of menu options and put them into fluid and dynamic menu bar,which is perfect for all tablet users. So far, we don’t know whether users have an option to switch back to the standard interface.

Ribbon interface is a welcome change to the Windows 8 user interface, but it will take some time for users to adjust to it, so it’s a risky addition that might do more harm than good.

Samsung Nori F2 introduced

Samsung of South Korea has just rolled out a new cell phone in their country under the Nori banner, where it will be known as the Samsung Nori F2. If you happen to have a penchant for model names and numbers, then this puppy can be called the SHW-A280S/K/L. Boasting a 3″ touchscreen display and a clamshell form factor, it does seem to defy common convention. After all, why have a clamshell when you can’t access the display when closed? At least when it is closed, an LED display will do its best to let you know the most basic of information such as incoming or missed calls, any unread text messages, emails and calendar events among others. Since this is Korea we’re talking about, no surprise to see a T-DMB tuner thrown into the mix, alongside a 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity and a microSD memory card slot. Would it arrive Stateside? We don’t think so, but if you’re heading to South Korea anytime soon, this might be worth a look.

source: ubergizmo.com

Rumour: Firefox 5 coming in June 2011

Although Mozilla only just released Firefox 4 recently, it looks as though the folks from Mozilla are already working on a new version of their popular browser, and we should see it sooner than we think.

After the release of Firefox 4, apparently Mozilla has started working on Firefox 5, and according to the news, we should see the final version in June 29th. We are surprised to see that Mozilla will release the new version of its browser so soon, but we’re not complaining. It took a while for Firefox 4 to come out, so the rapid release of Firefox 5 is quite welcoming.

As we’ve found out, Firefox 5 is now in the second stage of development, and it’s already filled with improvements. One of the disclosed improvements is the improved tabbed interface that will allow us to select multiple tabs and view them simultaneously on one screen.

Apr 3, 2011

Intel’s X79 chipset details leak

It looks as though Intel’s next major chipset update has been leaked with IT.com.cn managing to obtain a couple of slides mapping out the spec.

The new X79 chipset is expected to appear in Q4 of 2011 along with a new range of 4- and 6-core 32nm Sandy Bridge processors. These are referred to as Sandy Bridge – E (Enthusiast) or SNB-E and LGA2011. As the chipset is meant for the high-end enthusiast class of PC builders there is on-board support for overclocking which everyone will wlecome.

Motherboards carrying the X79 are expected to have a 32 lane PCI-E bandwidth allowing for 2x 16 lane and 4x 8 lane setups for graphics. Quad channel memory controllers are also thought to be included.
As for on-board connectivity, there’s 14 SATA ports with 10 supporting 6Gbps and 8 supporting serial attached SCSI. Matching the SATA ports there will also be 14 USB 2.0 ports, but no mention of USB 3.0 yet as Intel delayed the introduction of a USB 3.0 chipset until 2012. Therefore it will be up to motherboard manufacturers to select a chipset for the now mandatory USB 3.0 ports we all want.

While the slides suggest a release before the end of 2011, we expect it’s going to be 2012 before the X79 appears. And even if it did arrive before the new year, investing in a new 6-core Sandy Bridge enthusiast-class processor and high-end motherboard is going to cost a lot more than most PC builders are willing to pay. Realistically, most of us will be investing in X79 later in 2012.

source: geek.com

Microsoft Patching Up Windows Phone 7’s Ragged Update Process

Microsoft’s first series of Windows Phone software “updates” have been a mess, to say the least.

Some Windows Phone 7 customers can upgrade the software now. Some can get it later. And weeks ago, a few unlucky owners of a Windows Phone 7-powered Samsung phone bricked their handsets when they downloaded an update.

What the hell’s going on?

It turns out that delivering one substantial software update on multiple phones made by different manufacturers, on different carriers, isn’t a simple task at all, and Microsoft is still figuring out a solid process.

Microsoft’s not alone. The smartphone industry is controlled by a tangled web of interests, with hardware manufacturers and carriers holding sway. While mobile operating system vendors like Google and Apple have managed to wrest some control from the carriers, their moves aren’t easily repeatable.

Despite decades of experience delivering software updates for the PC platform, Microsoft is still learning the ropes in the mobile world.

With the Windows-powered Samsung Focus, some phones got an error when trying to install a minor update that updated the update mechanism, according to a Microsoft representative. Yes, it was an update that changed the way that phones are updated.

A technical glitch caused some phones to be interrupted in the middle of updating the update process. As a result, some Samsung Focus phones were bricked.

After that initial snafu with the Focus, Microsoft decided to proceed more cautiously and “deliberately” with a major update called “NoDo,” which brings copy and paste to Windows phones.

Some Windows Phone 7 handsets get to download the update now, while others have to wait. That’s partly because whenever a company such as Microsoft, Apple or Google wants to put out a software update, it has to allow the phone carrier to test the software on the network first for quality.

Only after the testing is complete can Microsoft begin deploying the software updates to Windows Phone 7 customers, a spokesman told Wired. Microsoft posted a chart showing which updates are available for each Windows phone model.

Notably, the chart lacks specific delivery dates.

“This table is what Microsoft and its partners are comfortable with committing to right now,” the representative said.

So, long story short, there were some technical difficulties with the first minor update, and now Microsoft is being careful to ensure the major update deploys properly, so the scheduling for now is inconsistent between devices.

However, Microsoft said that after the smoke clears, Windows Phone customers can expect to receive updates more smoothly and evenly.

It seems like a mess, but it’s understandable considering this is a brand-new phone platform that’s barely even been on the market for a few months. Keep in mind that Apple has also had issues tied to carriers and software. When the iPhone 3GS launched, some people who bought the device couldn’t activate their phones all weekend, and Apple’s e-mail to customers suggested it was an issue related to AT&T.

With smartphones, many spinning plates are involved in pushing software updates — carriers, manufacturers and the software maker. When one plate shatters, everybody likes to point fingers at the software maker — in this case, Microsoft.

It’s worth noting, however, that despite these early stumbles, Microsoft’s software update strategy appears to be less chaotic than Android’s.

Android carriers and device manufacturers get to decide when they want to push out updates. As a result, many Android phones are running different versions of Android; some have cool features that the others don’t.

That’s the problem with Google’s “open” strategy: It relinquishes control to the carriers and manufacturers, who aren’t always up to speed with Android. And indeed, it’s why Google has started reining in its manufacturing partners and exerting more control over the OS.

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is still the party that gets to decide when each handset gets a software update, and ideally in the future they’ll all get it at the same time after initial network testing. We’ll just have to wait and see whether the update process gets better in the next year.

source: wired.com

Apr 1, 2011

Dell To Launch Alienware M14X and M18X Gaming Laptops

Dell company planning to release two new gaming laptops, the Alienware M14X and Alienware M18X. Both based on the mobile platform Intel-based Huron River featuring Intel’s second generation Core processors, up to 256GB SSD, 8 cell batteries packs, optional WiMAX and also at least 4GB of DDR3 memory.

The Dell Alienware M14X has a 14-inch screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) or 1366 x 768 pixels and comes with either an Nvidia GeForce GT 555M GPU or AMD Radeon HD 6730M or 6770M dedicated graphics. Meanwhile, the Alienware M18X features 18-inch display 1080p resolution, packs either two AMD Radeon HD 6870M chips in CrossFire mode or two Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M GPUs set up in SLI. No pricing info and when these Dell’s laptops available so far.

Lenovo ThinkPad W520 Now Available

Lenovo newest mobile workstation, the ThinkPad W520 is available for purchase now starting at $1,449. The notebook is running on Intel’s Huron River platform, available in 15.6 inch LED backlit up to a 1920 x 1080 display and running on Windows 7 OS.  The ThinkPad W520 packs Intel Core i7-2620M processor clocked at 2.7GHz or quadcore 2.2GHz Core i7-2720QM processor ($1,649), up to NVIDIA Quadro 2000M Optimus graphics, up to 32GB of RAM, up to 500GB of regular hard-drive (7200 RPM SATA) or up to 160GB of SSD,  Bluetooth 3.0, integrated WWAN, a DVD burner, HD Webcam, 6-cell battery, Smart Card Reader (Optional) and WiFi b/g/n. As for connectivity it also features two USB 3.0 ports and one USB/eSata.

Everything you need to know about Google's +1

Google's announcement that it's adding a "+1" button to incorporate user recommendations into its search results raised a lot of questions not addressed in the company's official announcement.

The +1 button, Google's answer to Facebook's Like button, will appear soon beside links in Google search results. By clicking the button, users will be able to recommend links to their list of Gmail contacts.

We spoke with Google rep Jim Prosser about +1. Here are some of our questions answered. What other questions do you have about the new product?

Why is Google doing this?

Aside from the fact that it represents another way to compete with Facebook, Google's official line is that it will make search results more germane. Says Prosser: "People consult their friends and other contacts on decisions. It's very easy and lightweight way to make search results more relevant."

Will the number of +1s affect search rankings?
Prosser says no, but adds that it's something Google is "very interested" in incorporating in some form at some point.

Who are these contacts we're seeing next to the +1s?

They are from Google Contacts, which come from various Google products, most notably Gmail, Buzz and Reader.

Will we see Facebook friends giving +1s at some point?
Not likely. Prosser draws a distinction between the "open web" and Facebook's closed system. Google is up for incorporating open social media apps, but not Facebook. And Facebook isn't likely to be interested in bolstering +1, a competitor to its "Like" button.

What about Twitter?

That's a different story. Google already incorporates Twitter data into its searches, though Prosser says there are no immediate plans for integrating Twitter results with +1.

What about using data from other social networks?
Prosser says Google is interested in using more data from Flickr and Quora, which Google considers "open web" apps. Initially, though, you won't see your Flickr or Quora friends' +1 recommendations.

When will we start seeing the +1s?

Not for a few months, at least not en masse. Those who are interested in experimenting with +1 right away can go to Google.com/experimental. Otherwise, Prosser says only a "very small percentage" of searches and sites will have the +1 button within the next few weeks.

Will +1 be incorporated into banner ads?

Not right away, though Google is interested in that possibility.

Can marketers game the system by running "check +1 to enter" promotions?

It seems that Google frowns on this sort of thing, but it's unclear whether the company expressly forbids it. Meanwhile, to maintain the integrity of the results, Prosser recommends that marketers don't tweak their copy to ensure more +1s.

source: mashable.com

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