Feb 23, 2011

Overclock Your CPU For Extreme Speed

Overclock is a way to make a device to run at higher speeds than the provisions of that device makers. The principle is to create higher performance. Overclock usually practiced by users of the PC to force computer peripherals work on the ability of the manufacturer specified standards with the ultimate goal to improve the performance of computer work.

is generally done by gamers for improving computer performance. With a cheap component, then overclocked to achieve equivalent performance to more expensive hardware.

Normally for components in overclock are processors, motherboards, graphics cards and memory. Fortunately now a lot of hardware that was made with fabrication that has been reliable for the purposes of overclocking, so if the insight understanding and experience of overclocking, that damage can be minimized when overclocked.

As for those who do not like the overclock and in their think, overclocking is a dangerous and risk damage to the system of computer. I think that opinion is not entirely true, even I recommend to overclock to get good computer performance.

Some things that support for overclocking:

   1. The process of making processors for various frequencies are all the same. The difference lies in quality and testing on a specific frequency, based on testing temperature, and voltage requirements.
   2. The manufacturer of motherboards and graphics chip gives wide room for overclocking.
   3. Manufacturer of memory providing the flexibility to explore on their products
   4. Diversity of species and forms of conditioning that is destined for the practice of overclocking

Overclocking can be done in various ways, can be mild overclock or hard overclock. How to overclock?

   1. Through BIOS
   2. Voltage and frequency settings done in the BIOS.
   3. Modification of hardware to enable the setting voltage, and frequency multiplier
   4. Using software
   5. Setting the frequency, timing and voltage is done in the operating system.

Unfortunately during this time overclocking is only known by less than 10% of computer users. Actually overclock is not harmful if done correctly and use proper equipment.
According to me, overclocking is a step to seek maximum performance and stability of the system we have. Peripheral supporters are not expensive if you only do mild overclocking. It is safest to overclock without raising any voltage, because if you raise the voltage, the temperature also rises and cooler should also be replaced.

The purpose of overclocking is not looking for highest speed, but to find the highest stable speed of a system. Hardcore overclockers usually spend a lot of money to buy a special peripherals that cost is not affordable for most of the circles. Perform a safe overclock maximization according to your funds.

Overclock will not dificult, only requiring a knowledge, a little precision and courage. For that you need to learn, you can learn through video tutorials, books or e-book about ways to correct overclocking. One of the e-book that gives you knowledge about overclocking is Overclock Your CPU To The Extreme!


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