Feb 7, 2011

Change Windows 7 Aero Colors According To The Weather

The other day I stumbled across an interesting program called AeroWeather. This little application looks at the temperature and current weather conditions of your city and then plays around with the Windows Aero theme colors to reflect it.

Basically it changes the color of your desktop based on the weather outside. For example if it’s cloudy, your UI will go grey, if it’s sunny, it will be blue and it’ll go white if it’s snowing.

There’s even a night mode were it will dim all the colors when the sun sets and then brightens them up once again when the sun rises.

The application sits silently in your system tray and will work away on its on. Once it’s up and running, all you have to do is take a quick glance at your desktops UI and you’ll have a fairly good idea of the current weather conditions outside, handy if you’re stuck working indoors in an office all day.

The one draw back with this program is it only works if you’re based in the US as you have to enter a zip code for your location so it can gather the information.

You’ll find that you can customise lots of things like the maximum temperature color and the minimum temperature color as well as the color range.

It’s memory footprint is a mere 8mb so you shouldn’t find it slowing down your computer anyway.

You can download it and try it out for free here


here is a nice simple tool for windows 7 management lot more options
changing aero color automatically with wallpaper is the most interesting one

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