Feb 16, 2011

Promotion: Free License v2 Pro Easy Watermark Studio

If we include actively write blogs, web or upload images which often require protection in the form of a watermark, now for a limited time we can get officially licensed full version software Easy Watermark Pro v2. This watermark software has a feature that is relatively abundant and should be a collection of computer users that often protect (mark) image to publish on the web, blog or internet.

Opportunity to get a free license is valid until February 19, 2011. This is in collaboration software maker (Refero Group) with one of the blogs about technology computelogy.com. In addition to the paid version, we can also get a free version (Lite Version) Easy Watermark Studio. What are the features that we get and how to get free license? Follow the following further review.

Various Features Watermark

Watermark or tag images with text or images can be done in various ways, one can use other free software like XnView or using software such as Photoshop. But if you want to use software designed specifically for this case, Easy Studio Matermark probably the right choice.
Some key features:

    * Watermark with text, images, or both, with various options
    * Giving a watermark like effect using Photoshop
    * Create image has rounded effect on the 4th side
    * Create a shadow (reflection) image
    * Change the watermark with the effects of sine wave
    * Filter watermark (jitter, circle, grid, pixelize, noise and other)
    * Watermark multiple images at once
    * Create, Edit and save settings watermark
    * Setting shadows, borders, glow, background text, transparencies and other
    * Rotate watermarks
    * Supports multiple image formats (about 29 formats) such as TIF, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD, SCR and other
    * Automatic change output

This software is compatible for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Having tried it myself, this program is good, the effects on offer is relatively abundant and its use is relatively easy.
How to Obtain License

To obtain this license, make sure done before or on 19 February 2011. Following steps:

   1. Visit this article on computelogy.com (the blog that working with software makers in providing this free license)
   2. Next visit the promotion page: http://www.easy-watermark-studio.com/en/get-promo
   3. Enter First Name (FirstName), Last Name (Last Name), Perusanaan (Company), email address and choose our country
   4. Click the get license key
   5. after the confirmation appears check our email, if you have not entered wait a few minutes later

License should be delivered directly to our email. After that we can download Easy Studio Watemark ews-setup.exe (2.6 MB) and install it. After that run and to enable, in the display enter the License key activation page that has been established and click the Activate menu (requires Internet connection).
About License

Use of this software with free license to have rules and regulations as follows:

    * The license can only be used for one computer and once installed. If you reinstall windows, and install again it will not be able. But if the new version has been released, the license can still be used
    * If you wish to purchase, users get 40% discount
    * Validation license can only be done only once
    * License valid for one PC / Computer and can be used for commercial use.


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