Feb 7, 2011

Change Desktop Wallpaper According To Weather Conditions

The other day I shared with you an application that I found which automatically adjusts your Windows 7 Aero Color scheme to reflect the current weather conditions. While this neat little piece of software does a fairly good job at representing the outside weather, nothing conveys the weather better than some extravagant pictures.
While you can get a fairly good idea of the weather using the Aero Color app, I think that “Weather Desktop Background Changer” will do an even better job and let you see it for yourself. It lets you pick a set of custom wallpapers which will automatically be applied depending on the weather conditions of your state or city (sorry it’s US only again)

Not only does it change your wallpaper, but it also displays a weather report in your taskbar. You can also get a look at the weather forecast for the next couple of days as well as current temperature, humidity, and wind speed.

The only draw back I can find with this application is that it doesn’t get the backgrounds automatically for you, I’m afraid you will have to go looking for them yourself and add each one individually. On the plus side this does let you completely customise it to your liking.

Don’t forget to check out our wallpaper gallery where you may find some appropriate wallpapers to go along with this app.


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