Apr 29, 2011

AMD will release C-60 APU with support of Turbo Core this autumn

AMD plans to expand APU Fusion family with C-60 (Ontario). The main features of the new model will be the same as an existing model C-50: two cores running at 1.0 GHz, GPU that supports DirectX 11 and high-definition video decoder UVD3.

Its main difference from C-50 is that C-60 supports Turbo Core technology support - a technology that allows to increase the frequency of both cores up to 1.33 GHz. Graphics core can also be overclocked from 276 to 400 MHz. However at the moment, the technology may be applicable to only one of the components, not to exceed the TDP 9 Watts.

It is expected that the C-60 APU will be used in netbooks, which are scheduled for release this autumn.
source: gadgets-reviews.com


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