Apr 19, 2011

Tips and Tricks To Buy Laptops Online

Buying a laptop online can be quite tricky, especially if you’re trying to do it for the first time. Here are some handy tips and tricks to buy laptop online.


Different types and numbers of ports are very much essential to look for when buying a laptop. As people are getting gadget freaks nowadays, they are plugging maximum number of devices to their laptops like cell phones, iPod, printers, scanners, projectors, external mouse, cool pads, and what not.

To be able to plug in max number of devices, the laptop should have large number of ports. Check for three or more USB ports, serial port, if parallel port is available then it’s a plus point, HDMI port, FireWire port, LAN and various other ports to support variety of external devices connectivity.

Optical Drive

One of the features which is constantly overlooked is the optical drive. Most of the laptops available in the market now days only come with the CD writer and/or DVD reader. The very important DVD writer is missing in most of the laptops. So always look for those laptops which have Dual Layer DVD writer installed in them. Also check the speed like it should be above 16xs for writing DVDs.

Storage Capacity

The laptops available today in the market comes with humungous storage space like almost half a terabyte or sometimes more than that, but another factor which we should always consider is the reading and writing speed of the hard disk drive. The speed of operation can be estimated by the rotational speed of the HDD or you can say the RPM (rotation per minute).

The higher the RPM value the faster the HDD will read and write, giving you overall laptop performance in not only reading and writing files but also helps in faster OS boot time and faster launch of applications. Always search for laptops with HDD having more than 7200 rpm speed.

Application Memory

The application memory is the amount of RAM an application will consume while executing itself. So the higher the available RAM on your system the faster the application will execute along with the ability to execute large number of applications simultaneously without affecting the performance of the system.

Not only should you have lots of memory but also the FSB speed of your RAM should also be high. The FSB or the Front Side Bus speed is the main factor of RAM performance and higher the FSB, the faster your RAM will operate. Always search for latest version of RAM lie DDR3 and with FSB speed of more than 1333 MHz and o for laptops with more than 4GB of RAM, also avoid buying laptops with less than 2GB of RAM.

Processing Power

The most important factor is the processing power of the laptop. The processor is the main hardware on the system which gives the shear performance and speed to the system. The higher the processing speed, the faster the hardware attached to it will work.

Even if you have faster RAM and HDD it won’t work effectively if you don’t have faster processor. The whole laptop should be perfect blend of RAM, HDD, and processor with matching speeds. Go for processors with two or more cores and speed greater than 2.2 GHz. It is always preferred to have Intel processors and not AMD because AMD processors get heated up very fast.

Dimension or Portability

Portability is what laptops are famous for, and if you buy laptops with screen greater than 15 inches then you will lose the main portability feature of the laptops. Always go for laptops with screen sizes from 12 inches to 15 inches and choose those which are thinner in dimension and lightweight.


All the hardware comes at very high price if bought or repaired on your own, so always extend your warranty whenever needed because it will give a very good support in future even if your laptop gets damaged. Check for those laptops which have more than a year of warranty and gives diverse filed of support.

Check to see if international warranty is supported or not. The best laptop brand to give a very satisfying warranty is the Dell, which also covers mishandling of laptops under its warranty scheme.

Brand Value

The brands have great value due to their years of experience and customer liking. So go for laptops like Lenovo, Dell, Alien Ware, Toshiba, Apple, SONY, Acer, Compaq or HP. Even ASUS is getting much appreciation nowadays.

So, keep these tips and tricks to buy laptop online in your mind, and make the best decision according your needs, choice of brand, and specific requirements.

source: latest-technews.com


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