Apr 7, 2011

Rumour: Firefox 5 coming in June 2011

Although Mozilla only just released Firefox 4 recently, it looks as though the folks from Mozilla are already working on a new version of their popular browser, and we should see it sooner than we think.

After the release of Firefox 4, apparently Mozilla has started working on Firefox 5, and according to the news, we should see the final version in June 29th. We are surprised to see that Mozilla will release the new version of its browser so soon, but we’re not complaining. It took a while for Firefox 4 to come out, so the rapid release of Firefox 5 is quite welcoming.

As we’ve found out, Firefox 5 is now in the second stage of development, and it’s already filled with improvements. One of the disclosed improvements is the improved tabbed interface that will allow us to select multiple tabs and view them simultaneously on one screen.


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