Apr 7, 2011

Samsung Nori F2 introduced

Samsung of South Korea has just rolled out a new cell phone in their country under the Nori banner, where it will be known as the Samsung Nori F2. If you happen to have a penchant for model names and numbers, then this puppy can be called the SHW-A280S/K/L. Boasting a 3″ touchscreen display and a clamshell form factor, it does seem to defy common convention. After all, why have a clamshell when you can’t access the display when closed? At least when it is closed, an LED display will do its best to let you know the most basic of information such as incoming or missed calls, any unread text messages, emails and calendar events among others. Since this is Korea we’re talking about, no surprise to see a T-DMB tuner thrown into the mix, alongside a 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity and a microSD memory card slot. Would it arrive Stateside? We don’t think so, but if you’re heading to South Korea anytime soon, this might be worth a look.

source: ubergizmo.com


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