Apr 21, 2011

Acer HN274H Latest 3D Monitor for Gaming and Movies

Acer is one of the pioneers of 3D computer monitors, known for the GD235HZ launched early last year. Latest Acer HN274H comes with a screen diagonal of 27 inches and 100.000.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Bypassing fancy specifications, HN274H costs $ 689, and with this pricetag you’ll find a pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses included too.

On the connectivity part, you’ll find DVI-D inputs, VGA, and three HDMI 3D compatible ports. HN274H is thus the first 27-inch monitor, capable of accepting 3D signal with DVI-D and HDMI connection. Acer HS244HQ offers the same connectivity options and also has the 3-D glasses included in the price. Has a 23.6-inch diagonal screen and displays a 12.000.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Both monitors are compatible of full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and supports an image update rate of 120 Hz, the requirement for the proper functioning of its 3D glasses with Active Shutter technology.


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