Apr 17, 2011

Portable iPod Mili Power Projector

Ever wished that you could enlarge what you are watching on your phone or iPad so you could view it better? Wish no more when you have the ipod Mili Power Projector. It enables one to put the images on an iPhone 3G/3GS and 4 as well as iPod Touch, iPads, Blackberries and most of the other models of phones and media players on it for better viewing. It's like having your own theatre for your videos, home movies and games on big screen.

With its compact size, the iPod Mili Power Projector is easily portable. It fits neatly in a pocket along with batteries to run it.It works by means of an LCos image processor that can churn out a 640 by 480 VGA image to up to 70 inches. It's cost effective too, as the LED bulb it uses to project images can keep going for at least 20,000 hours.

This cool projector comes as a package that includes an Apple adapter dock for iPod Touch, iPhones and iPod Classics. It will even do you one better and charge your devices as it runs so there are no worries about running out of power when using it.

The Mili Power Projector is ideal for making presentations from a computer and viewing photos from a laptop. It comes with a VGA lead that just needs to be connected to the VGA input on the projector for those bigger dimensions on the Mac or PC. For Blackberries, it connects using a USB and for DVD, MP4 players and other phones, it works using the built-in Av-In plug.


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