Jul 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II Could Also Be Sprint Bound

Ok, we agree that the image here is not all that clear, but the body of the phone, its noticeably jarring rear cover, and somewhat inverted base are blabbermouth signs of Samsung’s Galaxy S II model.

This image is one of the images that show Sprint marking on the handset. The image of the handset also clearly displays the 8 megapixel camera of the handset, which also is a major highlight for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Though, this model is an unofficial model and is pretty much like the unlocked device that we saw, everything else here is different enough suggesting that Samsung will be following the same game plan for their Galaxy S series, which is launching similar, but not all that same products for different carriers.

For instance, this particular device is curved than the unlocked variant of the handset that we saw, from the bends of its body to the housing of camera and the volume rocker given on the left hand side seems to be a lot lumpier metallic component, than Samsung’s Galaxy S II’s skinny dark plastic strip.

Though, we haven’t got the confirmed details for the handset, but its pretty sure that Samsung will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II, especially considering the huge success that the device is getting in Europe.

source: techsoft.org


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