Mar 28, 2011

Hundreds queue to buy the Nintendo 3DS at midnight

Nintendo 3DS consoles flying off shelves at midnight

The Nintendo 3DS finally launched in the UK and its midnight launch attracted a large number of gamers.

Stores such as GAME, Gamestation, HMV and more opened their doors at midnight, and got hundreds of people queueing outside their stores to get their hands on the glassless 3D console.

GAME opened 482 branches for a midnight launch as well as early the next morning. "Our GAME and Gamestation stores saw hundreds of gamers queue up to finally get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS," said head of UK comms and PR Neil Ashurst, to MCV.

He also added that they've received great feedback about the 3DS living up to all the expectations.

The Nintendo 3DS has both 2D and 3D modes in which to play games, and various stores were offering deals for the console for the midnight opening. It also broke Amazon's pre-order record.


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