Mar 28, 2011

Nokia E7 UK pre-orders open: Will you stick with Symbian?

When we first copped the Nokia E7 QWERTY smartphone back in September, we were blown away. It’s one of the most beautiful, astoundingly designed phones we’ve ever seen. You’d have thought then, that today’s news that it’s up for pre-order in the UK at long last would be cause for celebration. The thing is, with Nokia dumping Symbian for Windows Phone 7, is there any point investing in it any more? You tell us, right here.
Head on over to Nokia’s UK online store right now and you can pre-order a Nokia E7, either on a £35 per month contract on T-Mobile or Vodafone, £469 Pay As You Go or £499, for delivery in late April. That wait itelf is galling, especially since the Nokia E7 is shipping internationally already, but what we want to know is if you’ve been lusting after this metal beauty with a 4-inch AMOLED screen, do you still want it, knowing that Nokia is all but giving up on Symbian as a smartphone OS?
Last month, Nokia announced its earth shattering plans to switch to Windows Phone 7, but since we’re not expecting the first Microkia phones until next year, that’s a long wait in between, and Nokia is still hoping to sell plenty of smartphones in the meantime.
The good news is we’re expecting our own Nokia E7 review unit imminently, so you can expect a full verdict long before then. Will you be buying? Let us know in the comments.


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