Mar 10, 2011

Intel Core VPro Processor Will Protect Your Data

New second generation Processors from Intel Core VPro includes a mobile systems with the Series Core i3, Core i5 And Core i7. They are based on a new microarchitecture Sandy Bridge (32 nm), but unlike the models mainstream the new technology offers several innovative solutions to guarantee for greater security options.

First, Intel has integrated its protective solutions to AT 3.0 (Intel Anti-Theft.) This technology allows for remote deactivation of theft laptop by using inter alia, SMS. In addition with this technology a lost or stolen computer can also be traced with the help of GPS geo location. In both cases vPro Core system is integrated with modems which work on 3G.

Secondly, another great feature of the technology is that it is equipped with vPro Intel® Identity Protection Technology (IPT).  Which will help you to protects your computer or laptop in many ways in the case of theft. And keeps your sensitive data always protected for example you have stored passwords and logins to allow access to banking services and for corporate networks. In details to the normal procedure of usual logging system, IPT, it verifies the connection generating with the new six-digit password after every 30 seconds. Such a hardware protection prevents a hacker intercept call even if it is in possession of data which is necessary to verify in the services. IPT works with major technology brands in the field of security named as Symantec and VASCO.

The first vPro Core Second Generation, will soon be available for business notebooks, tablet PCs, and All-in-One computers which uses the main Intel partners.Also there will be choices for the other famous companies like Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo to capture this technology as the main core of their innovative systems.


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