Mar 31, 2011

Casio G-Shock: Bluetooth edition incoming

Casio G-Shock fans are in for a tech treat as the popular watch series is all set for a 21st century injection.

Over at the BaselWorld watch expo in Switzerland the Japanese company was showing off a Bluetooth enabled G-Shock, one that will capable of hooking up with your mobile to let you know about incoming calls, messages and alerts.

And, not just any old Bluetooth, but Bluetooth 4.0, with its low energy capabilities. Meaning your G-Shock shouldn't suffer any serious battery issues.

Plus, the watch still meets Casio's high G-Shock standards. "All of our G-Shock Premium watches have to pass the Triple 10 test," Casio designer designer Hiroaki Kubo told Wired.

"That means a 10 foot drop, 10 bar water resistance and 10 year battery life. In fact this one can withstand 20 bar water pressure.

"We use a mix of plastic resin and steel and to achieve the strength. Solar panels help to recharge the battery so you won't have to replace it, which also helps it to be more waterproof because you do not need to open it."

The Casio Bluetooth G-Shock is expected to hit the shops before 2012 comes around - discussions with smartphone manufacturers are currently ongoing.



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