May 7, 2011

RIM Launches Blackberry Style 9670 in India Market

The Canadian telecommunication and wireless device manufacturer Research In Motion has introduced its latest offering in smartphones, Blackberry Style 9670. Justifying its name, this clamshell from RIM looks very elegant, whether it is flipped up or down. Blackberry phones are known for their ergonomic QWERTY keypads, and Style 9670 is no exception. In spite of being a clamshell phone it features a full WERTY keypad which will be liked by those who write lots of long emails but want a clamshell phone.

Features and specs of Blackberry Style 9670:

    * Dual display
          o External display: 2-inch 240×320 TFT LCD
          o Internal display: 2.7-inch 360×400 TFT LCD
    * Operating System: Blackberry 6
    * Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G support
    * 5MP camera with auto-focus, IS, flash, and 640×480 video recording
    * 3.5mm headset jack
    * 512MB internal memory
    * Supports up to 32GB microSD card with 8GB card included
    * 1150mAh battery
    * Full QWERTY
    * Trackpad
    * Backlit keyboard

Blackberry Style 9670 Price in India

RIM has launched Blackberry Style 9670 as a CDMA-only phone. It is available with either of the three networks viz., Reliance (India), Tata DoCoMo, and Tata Indicom. RIM has priced Style 9670 at Rs. 24,999. 


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